When I started playing Black Desert Online two weeks ago, I had no idea that there was a catch up mechanic implemented by means of ‘seasonal’ characters. This works almost exactly the same was as Diablo, where you create a new character, level them up, get perks, and then at the end your character ‘graduates’ over to a ‘regular’ one. The current season ends September 15th, and I’ve been trying to learn and cram so much into this short amount of time before it ends, that there’s just no way for me to get a hold of everything.

Thanks to some awesome friends and YouTube videos I did manage to reach level 58 on my seasons character. I also got my free necklace, picked up a T8 horse, and leveled to 58 – I was hoping for 61 but time was just not on my side. I’ve learned how to enchant armor/weapons, and know the basics to unlocking my awakened self, finishing that quest line and getting new skills, too.

I picked up my time piece which I’m going to use tomorrow, and that will turn my seasons character to a regular character, and take a character that I have under level 25 (at this moment it’s my sorcerer) and create her into my season character – adding on the levels and skill points that the guardian had earned. It basically lets you clone your seasons character to one that is under 25. No reason not to do that.

Today I meant to work on the main story quest, but instead life got in the way so I set myself up with some AFK fishing, and horse training. Dancer, my T8 white horse, is now level 24. I also played around with the remastered graphics – which are absolutely stunning, but my computer fans don’t really like playing on that graphic level for too long (especially in cities). I’m looking forward to starting another seasons character, I hear they’re doing a few things different this time (like making enchanting gear easier) which is always nice. Some QoL bits that are always handy.

Anyway, I might be able to squeeze out another level or two before the end of tomorrow, but we’ll see. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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