In what I can only assume is an attempt to keep people from wandering over to any other new games that may have released this week (see what I did there) Pearl Abyss announced a bunch of new events that have started up – and some of them I’m pretty excited about.

Fishing for silver and gold is exactly what it sounds like. This event runs for 14 days and if you’re a fan of fishing, you can catch special fish in specific locations that are worth 500,000 silver and 10,000,000 silver respectively. I’ve been working on this one already, and made more money than I’ve ever had – granted in the bigger picture type of scenario it’s barely a drop in the bucket, but it’s really nice easy money especially if you spend your free time AFK fishing. On that same note, they have a gathering version where you can find golden insect amber in your travels.

The mysterious knight might show up while you’re adventuring, and if you see this NPC you should hail him and claim the 300% experience buff that he’s offering. There’s also daily attendance rewards, the loyalty event where you should check out the loyalty shop each day to get items for only 100 points, and of course the season+ pass event. There’s a legendary giveaway where if you manage to get PEN on three of your tuvala items you’ll be automatically entered into a draw for a legendary account upgrade, and if you have never played Black Desert Online before but you want a free copy of the game, you can sign up for a 14 day trial, get to 50 (it takes no time at all) and next maintenance it will auto upgrade to a full account.

Honestly? This is exactly the sort of stuff that keeps me playing. Like a lot of gamers, I love loot boxes, I love free things, and I love events. They may not be your thing, and that’s perfectly alright, but for me they bring around good feelings and happiness – which is something that I want to see more of in gaming. For now? It’s back to fishing.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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