Today is patch day, which means that I need to spend a few hours downloading (thanks 5mb/s speeds) before I can play, but I did browse over the patch notes and wow, they added quite a few things! First up is their second dungeon ever – Sycrakea. It looks amazing, but you do need to complete the first dungeon before attempting it I believe. I haven’t done either of the dungeons yet, and honestly it’s not really my thing so I think I’ll let the big time adventurers partake in that one.

They’ve also added some new skills and instruments to the Shai class! You might recall that at the moment, this is my main. It looks insanely detailed and complicated! I can’t wait to dive in and figure it out.

There were some other generic class changes, some drops adjusted, monsters tweaked, really nothing out of the ordinary. They also opened up some forums to go and talk about the big class revamp that they’re working on for later this month. You can sign up to help out and be sure to test those changes and get some input in about how the classes will work moving forward.

For me personally, it’s been a fishing sort of week. I am almost rank artisan 7 which is lovely, and I’ve been catching lots of the event fish which will come in handy to stockpile for whatever goodies I want to buy. My 2nd account also swapped over to a full copy of the game today since I reached level 50 and I’m pretty tickled about that.

I still need to level my horses up so I can breed them and have a better chance at a top tier mount, but I haven’t found the time quite yet because the lure of earning silver through fishing has been pretty high. Eventually that fishing event will end, and I’ll have to figure out other ways of making money – but why not take advantage of it while I can.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself! If you want to see some awesome screenshots of BDO I’ve been posting them on twitter lately, the game just blows me away in remastered mode.

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