It happened. I finally got two coursers (the gold icon indicates this) with the appropriate skills – a male and a female. I used the horse calculator to work out what levels I should have them at (a combination of 29/30 for the best results) and I set them to – er – work, and waited 2.2h for a foal.

I had a low chance of a T8 result, and almost equal chances of a T7 or a T6. My RNG luck held true as it always does, and I ended up with an ebony black T6 female. I’m at least happy to have a female, males have two breeding chances, and females have only one so I wanted to replace the T5 I had just used and this will work well for that. I decided to explore the imperial market, and I sold my level 30 female for 30,000,000 silver. Not a huge amount, but it was enough for me. I also earned some currency that I can trade in for goodies.

Now I’m working on leveling that T6 horse and hoping for another courser so I can breed that with the T5 male who has one chance left. I do also have a T8 female, but I’m reluctant to breed that at the moment. It’s also not a courser, which I might work on changing. You can get tokens that allow you to RNG another skill in order to make that happen. They’re usually sold in the pearl shop, but as is the way with this game, they lure you in with a handful of freebies.

The breeding process was fairly painless but does require navigating the stable UI quite a bit. You need to register your male horse for breeding and lock it to only you so that other people don’t rent it out. That’s right, if you get a good horse you can rent it out as a stud. This does take your breeding slots though. Anyway, you set it to you, then you go back to the basic stable UI and select the female, and then do your thing. I followed some guides out there (there are plenty) and 2.2h later came back to a foal. You also have to make sure you have room in the stable for the new horse, which is not too bad when you can rent lodging to expand those slots and there’s various buffs and scrolls that can increase the slots temporarily as well.

End goal? Get a dream horse. That’s a LOT of work and RNG though, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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