Once again I didn’t actually complete too many of my goals, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a creative month. In fact, it was probably one of my most creative months yet, which is wonderful. I did not finish the back of my cable crush hoodie, and I did not complete my Halloween storybook SAL cross stitch, but I did get pretty close. I trailed off at the end after a few bad days. I’m planning on using it as a book binding, I just have a few squares left.

I also completed a few pieces of art, including the mock watercolour digital picture above. I attempted some traditional art, too. I made two Halloween pieces and framed them for decoration which I am quite happy with. I also bought some actual watercolours, but I’m brand new and have no idea what I’m doing so that’s going a bit sideways at the moment. Still, I’m persistent and going to stick with it.


  • Cable crush hoodie
  • Halloween SAL

November Goals:

  • Work on cable crush hoodie
  • Complete at least two pairs of socks (cranked)
  • Complete two christmas balls
  • Complete the Halloween storybook SAL
  • Finish one or more other creative projects (drawing, etc)

This is a more adventurous set of goals for November, mostly to remind myself to budget my time and to prove to myself that I can get things done as long as I schedule myself and actively work towards goals. No big deal if I don’t actually get there, but that is the goal, in any case.

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