We’re nearing December 1st, which is the end of the current season – so what progress have I made?

My lahn is sitting at level 60, I’m still creeping my way towards 61. There are guides on obtaining a specific tome, and then doing non repeatable quests to reach 61 in a few hours which seems pretty do-able. Once I hit 61 I’m going to use my time piece on someone. I have no idea who yet. I’m thinking a witch. In the mean time I’ve started paying some attention to my lahn skills, I used a guide on the foundry site to figure out where to spend my points, and I have a little rotation I’ve been doing that seems to play very nice with farming and boss fights. I’m learning how to use evasion to my advantage because I’m a bit of a glass cannon. I figured out I have a heal, and even though I still rely heavily on potions, I was able to defeat a rift boss without having any on me because (gasp)

The guild has a handful of people still playing and we’re 10/12 points towards finishing with our +gathering skills, then I will work on getting us a bit of AP. I’m still online pretty much 24/7 since the game encourages that with their AFK play style, and I do a mixture of combat and life skills. The game has a great steady population, and each day I’m STILL learning new mechanics.

I recently started doing world boss fights. There’s a few handy timers out there to tell you who is spawning next and what a lot of people do is leave an alt logged off in the area so they can just pop in a minute or two before the spawn. I haven’t gotten anything fantastic from it yet, but farming world bosses is a long and tedious endevour, some of the hand ins take a few hundred items. Of course that’s exactly what BDO is about and they don’t hide that fact.

I upgraded to the legendary pack to get a bunch of buffs and outfits, as well as some pearls. I consider this type of investment the equivalent of paying for a subscription, and given all the time I spend in game I have absolutely zero issue with this.

What will happen when Endwalker releases? I haven’t decided yet. I am really excited about FFXIV but I don’t want to give up everything I’ve been doing in BDO, either. I doubt very much I have the time to play both, and BDO certainly caters to my play style much better. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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