This past week has been one absolutely filled with life skills. There has been a life skill event going on, granting extra experience, so of course I wanted to dive right in. I decided to give trading a go, having never really done it before – and I managed to level that up to professional level without too much trouble (if you’re not familiar, levels in BDO go beginner (1-10), apprentice (1-10), Professional (1-10), Artisan (1-10), Master (1-30), Guru (1-50). I am artisan in a handful of crafts, but no further than that (yet). Anyway, trading was relaxing and beautiful. First I spent a few days linking up nodes across the map. I have most of the map (minus the East, desert) linked together and I have 20 workers spread between them. Instead of finding an optimal guide, I decided to just wing things. First I went fishing in the ocean, then I came back on land and picked up a pile of goods at a trade manager. I bought a merchant wagon, hitched 4 of my horses to it (not a necessary step, you can use the random horses but I figured mine might as well earn some experience) and then set off to another town a bit further away. At that town I sold the trade goods I had purchased, and then I bought new trade goods from them. Then I traveled to another place. Sold those goods, picked up new goods.

Eventually at the end of my desired route, I sold my fish (130% profit) and sold off my trade goods, picking up one final bundle to bring back home (Velia, at this time). The whole process was lovely and relaxing – and I’m doing it on my new level 49 shai class because when I lose access to the Olvia servers I’d rather not have to deal with PvP.

I know, a lot of people say they rarely ever see PvP in game, and to be honest as of yet I have also not seen any at all but I’d rather just not have to deal with it on a life skilling character. In order to ding 50 you need to accept a quest from your black spirit, so you can cap yourself at 100% into 49 and never ding so long as you don’t complete that quest.

This does come with a few downsides. There’s a quest in the desert to help trading and prevent some of the desert nasty but you need to be 55. Right now it’s not a big deal because of the Oasis event running, but that is scheduled to end November 24th. I’m going to miss it a great deal but it’s a good thing not to become too reliant on it. The event has been running since March, lol. Anyway. I also managed to reach level 61 and complete my season pass, I’m not sure if I mentioned that. It was a major goal of mine, and makes the rest of this season MUCH more relaxing without that additional pressure. Note this is self induced pressure, not game pressure. I never “finished” the season last time, and I was quite content with that.

I have no idea what class I want to use my timepiece on yet, I now have a 61 lahn, 56 shai, 56 sorcerer, 55 corsair, 54 nova, and a 49 shai. I’m thinking maybe a tamer or archer for fun, or maybe a witch. I haven’t found a class I dislike playing yet, but there are certainly some I enjoy playing more than others. Maybe I’ll try a musa just to see. Anyway, I’m still having a ton of fun with this game, the guild is still going strong with 5 active daily players (small, but passionate) and I can’t wait to see where our adventures lead us next. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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