Even though I haven’t spoken about it in some time, I do still play Wurm Online. I’m located on both the northern islands and the southern ones (Stargrazer on the North, Stargrace on the South). I have a deed at each location. I would like to move my newer character to the old servers, but they haven’t been joined and now I’m not so certain that will ever be a thing – which is a huge shame because Stargrazer is a priest, and I never intended that character to be used solo but she’s basically stranded from my ‘main’ over on the Independence server.

I didn’t get much actual work done, but I did round up some animals, planted some fields, and did some generic maintenance. Both deeds and the owners of said deeds have account time paid with plenty of time left, and I’m thinking of at least making it a weekly thing to dive in for a few hours and take care of the general chores. I haven’t done any breeding with donkey’s yet, but that’s on my list as ‘eventually’ too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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