For a few years now I have been following the progress of e-spinners. There are some lovely ones out there depending on how traditional (Ashford) or non traditional (e-Kube) you want to go. They all work similar, but one that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time is the Starling (V3) from Daedalus. This year my husband decided to surprise me by adding me to their queue list, with the hopes of purchasing one when they do a batch.

This is a 3D printed e-spinner (with some non printed parts, of course) that just looks like an absolute dream. I’ve wanted an e-spinner for days that I can’t treadle (which lately, are quite a few) or when I wanted portability. My Kiwi2 is a lovely wheel, but I’ve always wondered how much easier on my body it might be if the machine was providing the twist for me instead of having to treadle. Then I could focus on drafting, or not focus at all and just watch some TV while I draft. The machine weighs 2.5lbs, comes with 3 bobbins that hold 12oz (!) includes a battery, and a speed control box. The Starling V3 is their mid range model, and can do everything from lace to art yarn.

I’m on a wait list right now to try to get one, but I know it will take some time. I’m OK with that. One of the great things about e-spinners is that they don’t really change, and they don’t lose value (nor do regular spinning wheels, don’t get me wrong here). I’m hoping it will be a 2022 delivery, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

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