All kinds of gambling sites are very crowdy these days, mainly because of COVID-19. Many people visit them because of boredom sitting at home or to get their portion of adrenaline and win some money. There are many varieties of games at this site or another, and everyone prefers something different. In this article we will look at the most popular games and give their characteristics. The games are sorted from most popular to less popular according to trends of 2022.

Blackjack. Blackjack is quite a popular game, because many gamblers have a believe that the theory of probability in the game works for the players and not the casino, which will not interfere with the latter. An understanding of elementary things can help in the game. However, in online casinos it’s pretty hard to count cards, it’s mainly possible only in live casino blackjack, since in the software version of the games – there is a random number generator, which means that all of the cards are complete random and not dependent on the quantity of decks. So, if you plan on counting cards its better to play live version of the game, where real dealer will play blackjack with you through a live video broadcast.

Poker. The first mentions of the game date back to 1526. Now poker is one of the more traditional casino games even in online environment. Its essence is that it is necessary to collect a certain combination of cards. During the game, players once given the opportunity to partially or completely change their cards to cards from the deck. The game has an element of chance, but the result will also depend on how players will bluff (however this is true only for a live version of the game).

Thus, by increasing the stakes, you can force opponents with potentially stronger cards to refuse to fight further and give up. Oasis poker has a large prevalence in live online casinos. In addition to differences in the rules, the game of poker can be played against croupiers or against other participants – so called, club poker.

Craps. The history of craps goes back thousands of years, and in modern online casinos it is represented by craps, sic-bo and the game of grand-azar.

Craps is a traditional casino dice game. Its history dates back to the nineteenth century. It originated from New Orleans, where it was invented by the Negroes of America. A similar game, sic-bo, was invented in China and is popular mostly in Asia. As for a grand-azar this is also a variety of craps which is popular in middle east.

In craps you can play with two six-sided dice, azar and sic-bo – with three. The essence of the games is to guess the number of points that fall in the next move. Bets are made on a specific amount or the number greater (or less than) a certain limit. So, this type of game can be compared more to lottery draws.

Pokies. Online pokies a.k.a. one-armed bandits. To explore the best online pokies Australia you don’t even need to register and learn complicated rules. The game consists in an attempt of players to collect, more precisely, to wait for the fall of a winning combination. The amount of winnings has a dependence on the type of combination and the size of the bets.

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