For years now, I’ve always envied people who were able to settle down and just stick with one character – therefor actually accomplishing things in game because their attention isn’t on 24 characters spread between two servers. My husband is a great example of this. He has a warrior, and has played that single character for years. He has no-longer-available gear and recipes, meanwhile I can barely settle on who to play for a single day, let alone any length of time. With my limited play time, this is frustrating. It means I finish things very slowly, if ever at all. I still haven’t even unlocked all of the allied races because that would mean completing the story lines. I also don’t have any of my class mounts.

I have 24 level 60 characters in various stages of completion all over the place.

I’d like to change that. I’d like to settle down, and play just one character. At least until Dragonflight releases and then we’re presented with not only a new race, but a new class. A new healer/ranged DPS class. Sounds fun, right?

I did LFR this week, so that I could get a vault option. I did timewalking for an upgraded piece of gear (I got boots), and next is to work through the ZM storyline so I can unlock the 2nd legendary (and maybe think about getting my first legednary. For the druid, that means a ring). Will this hyper-focus on one character last? Probably not. I’ve tried this a few times, and it never lasts. I’m never able to make it stick, for whatever reason. Ever since my EQ2 days I’ve never had a ‘main’ instead trying to play what everyone else wanted me to play.

If it doesn’t work, then no big deal, I’ll go back to getting some stuff done on everyone and nothing done on just one character. I am hoping this time will be different, but the community I joined in WoW has dissipated for now and it makes for lonely times. Still, I have to try!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

One thought on “Trying to Find the Elusive ‘Main’”
  1. In EQ2 it swapped around. Sometimes it was my shadowknight, sometimes my coercer, sometimes my warlock, etc.

    SWTOR, GW2, and Rift I never really settled on any specific one either, I don’t think. Maybe my “tankassin” in SWTOR for a time, I suppose.

    I’ve mostly just played FFXIV for the past several years and even there it changes around, though at least there it’s usually been to class changes with the expansions, so I can say I was BLM in ARR, SMN in HW, RDM in SB, except that swapped to PLD about halfway through just for the faster queue times…., then DNC in ShB, but then I swapped to BRD and if I wanted to play a tank for fast queues then I went GNB. And in EW, I still haven’t settled on a main yet, though I’m still kinda leaning BRD, but I like the SMN rework too, so…. I dunno.

    So many classes, so little time…..

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