I started streaming after a 3 year hiatus back in June, playing World of Warcraft and doing gold making. The problem is I have incredible anxiety and it’s easy to talk myself out of streaming when at the end of the day I’m exhausted and I just have nothing left to give an audience.

I want to stream. I enjoy it. I think it could help with my anxiety issues – but taking the plunge and sticking with a schedule is something that I just have such a difficult time with. I recently set up an AirPlay server on my PC so that I can stream my Procreate art to OBS and perhaps do some art streams in the future too. I keep meaning to get some sort of system set up to stream my spinning, or my sock knitting machine, but end up doubting myself and just end up doing nothing instead. It’s frustrating. I’m frustrated.

I had written out this enormous post about navigating depression and anxiety but deleted it because what is the point. People don’t like to hear about that stuff, and I don’t like to promote it. Blah blah blah words and stuff the end.

One thought on “Streaming with Anxiety”
  1. I think jumping on and streaming is incredibly nerve-wracking even *without* the extra complexity of anxiety over the top. I’m happy to do it for friends in a more private setting, but just… out there? For the world? No thank-you! I generally can’t even make myself talk for YT videos. Haha.

    All of which is a long way of saying — well done if you manage to break these barriers and put yourself out there like that!

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