I mentioned in an earlier post that I was trying out the xbox game pass for $1 this month, and with it came a handful of games that I was eager to try – Boyfriend Dungeon (which I’ve already played) and Two Point Campus. I loved Two Point Hospital (think Theme Hospital), and this game is more of the same, in a different setting. The humour is light and fun, and the game runs smooth. Honestly, for $1 I couldn’t really go wrong. The game pass has certainly already lived up to the hype and the price I paid. Now I’m trying to earn microsoft points to continue the subscription without having to pay a dollar amount, but even if I were paying $10/m I’m fairly certain I’d get value out of it. I tend to buy a few steam games a month, and then I rarely / never play them. While I may dislike the fact that everything is a subscription these days, there are still ways to cut costs.

Anyway, the game was exactly what I needed. Something light hearted, relaxing, and challenging enough to be fun without having to look up guides and information online. You can play sandbox mode, or you can complete the challenges one ‘level’ at a time. The tutorial is very straight forward and built into gameplay, so you’re hands on right away.

So far I love having game choices without being quite so tied down by cost. Even with the games rotating, there’s enough variety and time for me to get what I want before it moves out (so far, at least. We’ll see if this holds up).

In any case, it was a nice relaxing evening, and I can’t wait to see what new games come my way. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Two Point Campus”
  1. I love my Xbox Game Pass for just this reason! I find myself having far less of a backlog and more of a forward-log of things I want to play, which is a nice feeling.

    I also tried out Two Point Hospital for a few hours on Game Pass, as well as Two Point Campus. I think they’re both fun games, but maybe I needed to get into them a little further as I didn’t see anything that super grabbed me to keep me playing either of them. I’d think that these games would be right up my alley since I do enjoy sim and management games… so yeah. Maybe I need more time with them?

    1. I don’t think you’re alone in your feelings about the games by any means. They have challenges, but the gameplay is very much the same. Where you place items doesn’t exactly matter except to get the most bonus for the least items with the balance of cost. I find them to be pretty hands off as far as sims and management goes, you’re not actually doing that much, and it’s pretty repetitive. Sometimes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for – and other times, not so much.

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