I’m torn between playing my druid and my paladin in the next expansion coming out. I love both classes for different reasons, and one of the main reasons I lean away from the druid is a silly one – I’m tired of leather gear. I’ve been playing a monk for many years now, so leather gear is something I’m very familiar with. The look and the collectability of plate is really appealing. That being said, I do NOT enjoy healing on the paladin, and I love healing on the druid. I have also not tanked on either yet, but with envokers coming out I have a feeling that there will be a need for tanks since they are a healer / DPS combination. Right now I end up playing both classes, I farm on both, do my weeklies, and raid (well, LFR only). I’m very slowly leaning towards the paladin as a main and then the druid as my ‘backup’ but I just wish that the paladin felt more comfortable to heal on. Thoughts?

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