I finished my cardigan just before the new year, and I absolutely love how it turned out. I wish I had filled 2022 with all sorts of knitting projects, but between our big move, the kids, buying our first house, etc. I just couldn’t fit that much in.

I’d like to make 2023 a more creative year, but finding the spoons to get everything/anything done has been difficult. I had grand goals of completing one knitting project a month, but I haven’t even really started on anything. I also wanted to do 52 digital drawings, but I’ve met up with some sort of artistic block where that is concerned.

For now, I’m at least keeping up with my bulletjournal. It’s a bit of creativity, and an attempt to organize my life. I can only hope that I find my muse before too long and I’m able to continue.

One thought on “A Lack of Creativity”
  1. Buying a first house was a huge change for us. I was simply amazed at all the stuff I didn;t know about owing a house. Even figuring out how to care for our yard took me about a year to get sorted. No, you cannot keep an acre of yard mowed with a weed wacker . . .

    In any case, I hope you year goes well.

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