It bothers me a little bit that we get a weekly quest to complete public orders – some professions have significantly more ‘value’ when it comes to these orders, and for other professions, there’s rarely anything you would ever need. In a lot of cases, players end up sending these craft orders to their alts, and fulfill them that way. I think that’s a poor way to complete a quest – and on some servers I don’t even have any alts. So, I decided to ask on my realm for some help.

I asked in general (since that would target people in valdrakken) for someone to help me out by providing 3 blacksmithing orders. I would compensate for the cost, and provide the materials.

Within less than a minute, I had some personal orders – it had worked! Thanks to the kindness of strangers, my character was able to complete her quest. I even got a little roleplay out of it.

In the main screenshot to this post you can see where 1 person posted 40+ statue orders for the public to complete. They came with a note asking for the orders to be left unless you needed to complete your weekly.

I thought this was a really unique way to give back to the community, but on the same hand, I feel it’s not exactly the way that Blizzard had intended this quest to go. Three of my professions have no issues with this quest – Engineer, JC, and Inscription. The rest, I rarely ever see a public order for, and when I do, everyone else is fighting for them. It’s an important quest, if you miss out, you might feel as though you’re behind. Having alts request the craft order is one method of getting it knocked out of your journal, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be a little creative.

As always, happy gaming! No matter where you find you

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