I know, I am behind with the post! It has been a particularly busy week between real life and game stuff, but here’s my weekly wrap up!

I finally broke 1 million in sales again which was a very nice feeling. Keep in mind that TSM is not displaying my craft order gold, which is where most of my income is coming these days. As far as selling on the auction house goes, I’ve been sticking to pets.

For some reason the TSM ledger is duplicating my sales when I select a specific group (in this case, pets) so you’ll have to reduce everything in that screenshot by 1/2. I’ve reported the issue but I haven’t heard back yet. Pet sales have been steady – nothing through the roof, but enough to have a very steady income.

I am planning a post this week explaining what I’ve been doing as far as crafting goes, I only have 100 in two professions (three if you count cooking) and crafting in Dragonflight is of course MUCH different than any other expansion we’ve seen so far. Some people love it and embrace the complexity, others are not a fan. I’m somewhere between the two thoughts.

I have been selling some transmog since 10.0.5 went live, but not a huge amount, which makes sense because I didn’t exactly stock up. I picked up a few items (blood elf bandit masks), but they’re on my low pop server – oh, and speaking of that. I actually moved BACK to my low pop server. I’ll write more about that this week too.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

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