Way back in July 2022 I started this challenge of 100 runs of RFK – and then for some reason I stopped. The purpose was to show the estimated amount of loot from each run vs. the actual gold per hour of items sold. Things have changed a bit since then, especially since I’m using a speed geared druid instead of just a random druid. My base speed in dungeons at 61 is somewhere around 240%-260% and that’s FAST (here is a link to a druid I followed when it came to gearing). My first post of RFK has me sitting at 57m to complete 10 runs. It now takes me about 2 minutes to run the entire dungeon. Since so much time has passed I decided to start over fresh, and these are the results for the first 10 runs.

You can see that the estimated gold (using TSM region market value avg) is just over 500k – and when I put them on the auction house (I’m using a profile from BilisOnyxia that I’ve tweaked and customized) it’s just over 300k if everything were to sell on my low population server.

Next week we’ll see how much (if any) of it actually sold, and I’ll use that to generate a more accurate idea of what GPH this dungeon rewards. As it stands now, the GPH is 712g – the amount I got from raw gold during the run. It also stands to note that it only takes me 26m to run this dungeon 10x. Ideally you’d want to optimize your time since you can’t run any more dungeons for the remaining hour, but you could always do overworld farms instead to fill that time up.

Addons used:

  • TradeSkillMaster
  • LootAppraiser
  • Faster Loot
  • Dejunk
  • MonkeySpeed
  • Nova Instance Tracker
  • WoWThing Collector

Another thing to note is that ALL of these types of runs are going to vary server by server. I happen to be on a low population server where things sell slow. Even pricing them low won’t guarantee a sale.

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