I wanted to be able to track the treasure maps me and Moumix have been completing, so of course we created a google doc for that. There’s two portions to it, once tracks the steps and locations of those steps, another tracks the rewards we’ve earned. I wanted to see just how random it was, and just keep track of what we’ve earned. Some maps reward fantastic treasures, others not so much. They seem fairly on-par with the quality of the map, though we have on occasion gotten a really fantastic low quality map, those moments are fairly rare.

At this time we’ve completed close to 40 treasure maps, most of them on the Indy server but a handful over on Deliverance since that’s where our priests hang out and earn their maps. I’m attempting to finish off an achievement that has me kill 50 ‘hidden’ mobs which only seem to come from difficult maps (60ql+) and I should be able to complete that today. I enjoy doing these maps, they’re a nice break from hanging out on deed and while I found them a bit frustrating at first, I haven’t come across any that were impossible to do. Now that I’ve said that I’ve probably cursed myself. I tend to save them up and then do a batch all at once which makes the time spent a bit more worth it. Going out for just a single map isn’t something that I tend to do. I haven’t gotten any truly amazing rewards yet, but I know they’re out there. There’s a coin purse you can use to keep money on you even if you die, and a water skin that will stay filled with water forever. That one would be incredibly handy considering I am always out of water on my adventures.

We have gotten a few crab statues, some cutlass, and a necklace, the rest has just been fairly mundane items that come with every map.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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