It’s only 8 floors for now (I wanted to keep the colour scheme the same, and I can build 9 floors but I can’t build 10) but the lighthouse at Quail Cove is finally complete. I created a rendered stone brazier for the top, and improved it to 70ql. I love it, and I can see it some distance from the deed, which is great when I’m concerned about what I’m looking at, lol.

Next up is working on a new kitchen area, my 5 ovens are cramped and there’s no room to move around let alone have it looking as magnificent as it should. I’m planning to put it beside the temple, and fashion it like the other larger buildings, with stone base floors and timber framed for the higher levels. I’m sure I’ll remember to post screenshots when it’s completed (please don’t hold your breath, I will probably forget).

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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