While picking up my Capybara deed decorations I happened to notice this, pictured above. A house with heavy decay, all along the bottom floors. I recognized it as a deed I had visited in the past with Moumix (though I cannot remember why we were there) called Festival Spiritual Center, created by Festival in 2022. The deed disbanded due to lack of upkeep on April 28th 2023, which isn’t that long ago. Normally deeds that have houses tend to stick around for some time, but in this instance the house was made of very low quality wood, which decays incredibly fast.

The problem was I could only access the main floor of the fallen deed. The two doors along the front of the building were locked, and there was no other way to get upstairs. Peering through the windows I could see some bulk storage containers, but not much more.

The main floor had a rare forge along with some green chests filled with enchanted tools and weapons. A few bits and bobs, some furniture, all of which I decided to collect and bring back with me to Quail Cove. The forge was secured to the ground, but if items take enough damage they become unsecured, so Moumix volunteered to stay behind on an alt and bash the forge until it was freed. Meanwhile, I tried to figure out a way we could access the next level.

Outside of the building were 10 reindeer secured to the ground, a Christmas gift for players in previous years. We took care of those and I found a few horses I wanted to take back with me too. Over all, I was incredibly pleased with this initial haul, but I still really wanted to see what was upstairs. I figured I’d have to be patient, and wait for another wall or two to fall before we could enter upstairs.

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