One of the reasons I wanted a deed on the mainland and not just the island that I live on, is for a wagoner. I wanted to make use of sending and receiving bulk goods. Until today, I haven’t had a reason to USE the wagoner, but I saw someone looking for 1k wemp, and low and behold, I had 1k wemp (and then some) to sell. So I sent out the order.

I was giggling away as I learned that the items don’t simple phase to their destination, oh no, the wagoner actually drives along the highway! You can see them and meet up with them in the world! How cool is that.

Fantastic job on making the world feel a little more populated. I adore this system, and I can’t wait to make more use of it. I know that by now it has been in game for some time, but little things like this remind me about why I love Wurm.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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