I try to work with the neighbourhood of where I move to, but it doesn’t always work out. This week I was accused of blocking a road that the locals use, so Moumix volunteered to build a road around my deed so that I wouldn’t be blocking any roads. Honestly, I’ve been there for months and I’ve never seen anyone come by, and this is the first time anyone has even spoken to me about it (plus there are detours you can take) – but again, I want to play nice. There was an abandoned boat along the shore that was blocking road construction, so I sent in a ticket to the GMs to have them remove it for me.

They were prompt and came by and moved the giant ship to an opposite shore so it wouldn’t be in the way of the road. On their way out, they turned Faralithe into a pumpkin, and turned Stargrace into a huge red dragon. I barely fit into the smithy to continue my work on the horseshoes I’ve been imping.

Speaking of horseshoes, I bought four off of another player, low quality, but they each had 103 WOA (wind of ages) cast on it, I can’t wait to zoom around doing treasure maps with a bit more speed. I figured I can just imp them myself to 70-80ql which is simple enough, but trying to get 103 casts is something that is still quite far away. My Vynora priest is at 100 faith and 68 channeling, with benediction, but her casts tend to land around 50-60 power. Occasionally I get higher but that is rare. I imagine I need to work up my skills higher before I start seeing anything anyone would want to pay for.

Anyway, I had a great time, I’m thankful the GMs were prompt, and now construction can continue.

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