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Wurm is a complex game and just when you think you’ve figured something out – you learn something new, even years later. I wanted to post some of these handy tricks and tips in case there were others out there, like me, who may not have even known they existed.

#1. HFC faster

  • Open settings, and under user interface, set the default shift-drag value to 1. Then make sure to enable shift-drag in the GUI which is just above it. Fill a satchel with meat, and another with veggies. Hold down control and click on the stack (don’t expand it) of meat, and then veggies. Let go of control. Hold down shift and enter. While holding those down, drag from either of the stacks, to a frying pan. Release enter. This is pan filling in a nutshell. It’s probably the fastest system out there, and it works for as many ingredients as you want, so if you’re doing anything in bulk, including moonshine and pizza, it allows you to drag 1 item from each stack you highlight to the container of your choice. Essential for grinding.

#2. Oh No, I’m drowning!

  • If you run out of stamina in water, you’ll start to take water damage and can eventually die from it. There are two things you can do in this situation that you may not know about. Number one – log out. Your stamina will replenish slowly while you’re offline, giving you the ability to move again once it has filled up. Or, if you’re close to shore, right click the bottom left icon of the ‘body’ on your character screen, and select ‘last gasp’ – this will turn on climbing, and allow you to climb up the shore to safety.

#3. Anything cloth / wool is a potential bandage

  • Got attacked unprepared? Maybe you have a cloth tent or a hat laying around! Don’t risk dying just because you don’t have actual healing material. You can use anything that is made of cloth or wool to bandage up those wounds.

That’s all for this week! I’ll be posting more tips & tricks for Wurm Online next Saturday, so be sure to check out the post if you’re interested. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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