There’s a holy site up on Xanadu – and normally I wouldn’t pay too much attention to these, because holy sites are difficult to get to when they’re on other servers (especially Xanadu since it’s a HUGE place) but one of my friends was summoning to a Fo rite of crops cast, and I really wanted to get the achievement on my Fo priest, so I hopped on a boat and sailed over.

I’ve never actively participated in a Magranon holy site before – but I learned how neat they can be. Randomly (approx once an hour) archaeology fragments will spawn and drop into your inventory, and they can have runes / enchants and be items you can’t typically find in archaeology. I love this idea. LOVE IT. Some of the items linked were just amazing to me, and I understand that to some other people they may be boring, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on something similar.

The holy site has already been active for a number of days, but I’ve got two characters parked there now doing sermons and other priest-like things. Hopefully I get some neat archaeology bits, and if not, well it was a fun experience at least. A thank you to the folks on Xanadu who are running it, I did leave 1 priest behind in a boat so I can find my way back home at the end, and I certainly appreciate the summons.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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