It’s the fourth and final round of hobbies for the week, and I’m ending it with one of my most passionate ones but also a sorely neglected one (aren’t they all) – art. I used to do a lot of traditional art but stopped for about 20 years, and then when I picked it up again I found some days my body simply wouldn’t listen, so I now switch between digital art and traditional art.

Tools of the trade: For digital art I use an ipad and an apple pencil 1st generation. Software is Procreate, but I know everyone has their favourites. I use default brushes, and most of my pieces are nature related.

For traditional art I’ve been learning how to use watercolours, though I also have some gouache that I’m trying to learn. My favourite is probably just pen and ink. am fascinated by urban sketching, and my YouTube shows a lot of that. The thing is, art takes time and practice to get better at, and it’s been many years since I was any good at it. I don’t dedicate nearly the amount of time that I wish I did. Last year I was trying to complete one piece a week, and I ended just shy of that. This year I attempted the same, but I’ve only completed four pieces for the year. It’s a mixture of reasons, all of them excuses. I am happy to be back doing art though. It always holds a very special sacred place in my heart.

I try to keep my art supplies neat and tidy and all in one location, but it eventually spills out around the house over time. My computer desk is home to most of it, with a few bins underneath for sketch books. A plastic stand with drawers to the side of my desk holds paint, brushes, and other bits and bobs.

That makes four days of hobbies. Knitting (and fiber related arts), miniatures, cross stitch, and art. That doesn’t included other hobbies that I dabble in, including cooking, reading, photography, and whatever else happens to cross my path, honestly. I love trying different things and finding out what works (or doesn’t work) for me.

Tomorrow? Back to our regular scheduled video game posts!

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