The goal for this week in Wurm Online is pretty simple – I have 1400 archaeology fragments that need to be identified. Identification has two steps, the first step uses a stone chisel, and then you need a metal brush. I want to get all 1400 on the metal brush stage. I have 300/1400 done at the time of this post. It will take some time, each action in Wurm takes a bit, but I’m hoping by the end of the week I can complete the first step of the task – then next week I can complete the second step of the task (completing identification by using the metal brush) and then I can finally put all of the pieces together.

Right now I have 61.51 skill in archaeology, and 61.52 skill in restoration. I’m not using sleep bonus or buffs for this first step, but I will for the subsequent steps. I’m hoping this will inch me closer to 80, but we all know that Wurm Online is a pretty slow moving game on the best of days.

The fragments themselves came from an explorer who was mapping out the island I live on. They had no use for them as they don’t really do archaeology itself, so they scattered the bits all over the place and I would go around each day collecting them. Hopefully I get a few neat bits and bobs out of it in the end, even a statue or two completed would be nice.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

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