Lately, I can’t seem to settle on WHAT I want to do, so I sit and I end up doing nothing. I’m not sure if it’s just this week, my stress levels, or what. I want to game, I enjoy gaming, but nothing is really calling out to me, and so I bounce around from game to game, playing a handful of minutes here and there, and settling no where at all in the end. In fact the only games that ARE holding my attention these days (and let’s face it, one of those is pretty loosely) is Idle Champions, and Baldur’s Gate 3. Idle Champion’s isn’t really a hands on game (I suppose it can be) and BG3 I tend to play in a 4 person campaign or 2 person campaign. Both of those are usually specific days since they involve other people.

It’s probably a combination of things, but I do know I need to be a little more gentle with myself and be OK with doing nothing. Sometimes, it happens.

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