I’ve been planning out what I want to do with this Calico Critter starter house ever since I learned you could remodel them. The first thing I did was fall down the rabbit hole of miniatures. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and I joined a lot of facebook groups. There are some insanely creative people out there! One technique I learned (fairly popular) is to take an egg carton, rip it into little pieces, use some mod podge, and vola, you have stonework! I decided that is what I would do with my house.

The general idea is to cover the entire outside in ‘stones’ then paint over it with a neutral stone-like colour. Then take some pastels, and bring out the shadows / highlights. Once that is done, I want to add stained trim to the house using thin stir sticks, and then I want to also add some moss in sections to give it a bit of ‘life’. I’m also contemplating adding a window box with some flowers, but for storage reasons I don’t know that I want to (I still have the box for this house, and I’d like it to still fit inside of that box even once modified).

In the meantime I’m also contemplating how I want to decorate the inside. Originally I was going to have a ‘typical’ house. The kitchen and living room on the main floor, and the bathroom and a bedroom upstairs. Now I’m not so certain I want a ‘typical’ house. I’m thinking a library and small kitchen nook might be better suited. I also need to figure out how to build a front door since this house is missing the one that came with it. A ladder to get upstairs would also be nice (it came with one, which is of course missing).

For now, it’s a neat little relaxing project to work on here and there. I don’t expect progress to move too fast, I already know I’ll have to order more mod podge and a glue gun (and some glue) as well. I did purchase miter shears so that I can cut things (hopefully not myself), I’d like to make real wood floors and picture frames. All of those little details are things I’ll have to work up to, for now it’s just one step at a time.

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