After life decided to toss me around a bit, I’m back in World of Warcraft – back to making gold, and just playing the game and enjoying myself. Last week was the first week I managed to get items back up for sale, and with a 2.5 million gold profit I’m pretty pleased. Today (Tuesday the 5th) is of course the drop of 10.1.7 and a scheduled 8h downtime is taking place, so I didn’t bother re-listing yet. I’ll either do it tonight once servers are back up, or I’ll catch it tomorrow morning. I tend to list my items for 24h at a time since I’m on daily, and it takes me approx. 1h to list everything across 20 NA servers.

I did also manage to get most of my crafting done for the week. I have four characters working on this, and my latest ‘main’ (an evoker) is my gathering character. I don’t spend a lot of time gathering, but every once in a while I enjoy it. I’m looking for small ways to challenge myself and to keep myself interested without feeling overwhelmed, and I think sticking to a solid main is part of that challenge. It has been years since I’ve settled down with a main, and something I’ve always envied about other players who somehow managed to stick with just one character that they love.

In any case, gold making continues to be the driving force behind my time in Warcraft. The cost of the token on NA has shot up over 320k per (at the time of this post) and yet I still managed to pick up a few and extend my game time. I’m planning on keeping both accounts active since I do sales on one and play on the other. I’ve been leveling up some alts (on the alliance side of things this time) and over all, it just feels good to be back in game. It’s almost fall, the weather should hopefully be cooling down soon, and there’s something to be said for just being able to relax with a comforting game that you know pretty well.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

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