I’ve been trying to refine my world of warcraft gold making habits, and focusing on how I can make use of my alt army. I watched this video posted by CanadiaTV and remembered that I had not set up the Shadowlands tables on these characters. I followed the guide and went about getting that done. The pet charms that you can obtain are still very much worth it, especially since I deal in selling only level 25 pets. Leveling them is the easy part – I use my tokens to upgrade the green pets to blue, making them look even more appealing on the auction house.

I’ve currently got two active WoW accounts, though I have been debating activating a third just for fun. On my second account is where I keep all my AH / market stuff, and my daily routine has me logging in once or twice a day to 25 characters to put items for sale. I don’t partake in cancel scanning, I find it a waste of my time. Next, I’ll handle my SL tables. There’s really not much to that, I send off any pet tokens to one ‘holder’ character, send out new missions, and move on. I use the TLDR addon which is absolutely essential in making this a painless process.

After those chores are done, I log in to one of my four main crafters and complete their crafting weeklies. Four characters allows me to cover all of the professions, I don’t usually bother with gathering unless I need a bit of down time. Spreading the characters out 1 per day helps stave off burn out, and still gives me 3 days of misc. things to do (like timewalking). I have 4+1 “main” characters, this season I’ve been playing Petites over on A52 as my main, she’s an evoker, and I am absolutely loving the class. Then I have a paladin, Demon hunter, Monk, and Priest as my ‘back up’ characters (they cover my professions, also). I feel like having these 5 characters is plenty for me, but that does mean I have 30+ ‘unused’ characters who have no real purpose. I tend to level up alts and then forget about them, which is of course the whole reason that I’m setting up the Shadowlands tables, so they can be semi useful. I’ve got 12 done so far, and I’m hoping to get the rest up and running before too long. It does take a bit of time to get it all set up, but in the end it really pays off, and being consistent is absolutely worth it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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