Sniping has been a big conversation this week, thanks in part to the Saddlebag Exchange community. This is an API sniper that links to discord, with plenty of guides on how to set things up. First timer snipers and long term snipers alike have been making use of the product, and the snips/flips/sales channel has been booming because of it. If you’re not into API sniping, it still might be worth it to lurk and figure out what items you want to add to your own server sniping list. I’ll be posting a more in-depth look at this one shortly, so watch for that.

Maybe farming is more your thing? If you’re looking for something low key to farm, you might want to try the Glimmer of Satisfaction from BFA. This is used in a number of pets, and is a random event while eating from a feast. Who wouldn’t want to eat their way to 100k+ gph!

Crafting has also been a popular topic of conversation this week – with Graceland boasting their profits of over 3 million gold from 18 days of crafting orders. That is some dedication right there.

Stockpiling for 10.2? Some are, some have learned their lesson from previous updates and are not. Whatever your decision, you can talk about it with the rest of the WoW Economy Discord.

That’s it for this week! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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