Things have already fallen into a bit of a routine when it comes to EVE. I’ve got my PI to do first thing when I log in, then I’ve got industry jobs to check in on, then I try to complete the dailies (usually just kill missions). From there my schedule is wide open.

My corporation was no longer active, so I decided to apply to a new one. I had been watching YouTube videos to try to get back into things and see what changes had happened when by chance a friend mentioned their corporation and it was run by the s

ame YouTuber that I had already been watching. I have very little experience with corporations in Eve, I tried to join one many years ago and I instantly decided it was not a fit for this casual care bear. Hopefully I have better luck this time around.

Speaking of little experience – I got killed yesterday in 0.5 space! I’ve been playing off and on since 2009 and I’ve lost 4 ships (and been podded twice). The Tristan was my first loss, then a hulk, a tengu, and yesterday an Iteron Mark V. I know Eve is never ‘safe’ but in 2020 I had zero issues running from my home to Jita – that is no longer the case. There’s a single 0.5 bottleneck on my way to Jita that is pretty well camped these days, and I absolutely wasn’t expecting it (although I should have been) and took zero precautions. I was carrying too many high value things, in an obvious ship, and while I was not on autopilot, I also wasn’t nearly as safe as I could have been – that’s all on me.

Thankfully the Iteron Mark V isn’t exactly an expensive ship, I craft them myself, and I have more in the hangar. I did end up losing the products I was trying to sell in Jita, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t exactly a lot of ISK (maybe 200 million). There are lots of different ways to be ‘safer’ as you move products across space, or you can hire a company to do it for you, and you typically mark the value of your belongings to 120% so that if they lose it, you get reimbursed for more than you were expecting anyway. You do (of course) have to pay for that service (it’s run by players) but it’s either that or find a different way to get your items to market, or make it an ultra-safe trip.

As always, the rule of thumb in Eve is don’t fly things you can’t afford to lose. I’ve always personally felt safer in WH space than I ever did in lowsec and that looks like it still holds true for now.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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