Blizzard released a new ‘feature’ for Warcraft – Battle Royale. If you’ve ever played Fortnite before you’ll know what I’m talking about and you’ll probably also wonder how many Warcraft players were hoping for a battle royale in their MMORPG – let me tell you, that number is low.

I dislike PVP. I dislike the us versus them mentality. If you look at statistic tracking sites, PVP achievements are the LOWEST earned by players. I do not have quick reflexes, I struggle with my hands and vision. I do like collecting things and low pressure events. This is not that. I feel jaded that 10.2.6 actually gave very little to Dragonflight in any sense of story, quests, etc, and instead offers a new game all together where you can level up renown and earn items for Warcraft (both classic and retail). There are pets, transmog, and mounts as well as the tenders currency. There is also zero items a gold making goblin can make use of. These items are purely for collectors.

“If you don’t like it, then don’t play!” – sure, this is something I’ve already heard but then I miss out (as a collector) on pets and mounts. Instead I am forcing myself to gain at least 1 renown a day, which (for me) on average takes between 1-1.5 hours. What this means is that I’m doing VERY little else in game, because that eats up almost all of the free time I have to play. I also dislike how this new feature removes players from the world, and so things are looking empty. I imagine when they earn their rewards and when Season 4 releases it will get busy again but it’s really not fun to see a once active server reduced so much because everyone is out there grinding for their 40 renown. It’s not fun. I do not enjoy it. I realize lots of people DO enjoy this style of game play, and that’s fantastic for those people, but that doesn’t disqualify how I feel about it.

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