I’ve been doing some faction raising (remember I have one R&D agent who is still L2 and I want L4) and in between those missions I’ve been doing HS ratting, the ones that show up on your overview when you’re in an area. I’m not sure how many I’ve done now, but it’s a fair amount – and today I got my first escalation! I had to look it up first, because I didn’t want to jump 4 jumps away just to have someone else complete it while I was OTW, but I guess they’re specific to you (that does NOT mean you’re safe, someone can warp in on you easily if they’re looking for you) but since it was in HS no one was looking for me (I hope). It was a few thousand ISK of loot, and of course some great kills. I had to complete it in multiple stages, passing through a gate each stage, and handle a handful of encounters. The Gila is a lovely beast for HS, but I do wish I had a salvager fit to it, because letting all those wrecks sit there made me a bit sad – I understand it’s better to complete these missions fast and move on to something else for ISK/h but I’ve never been much of a min/max player, and I use those components for industry.

I went back afterwards with my salvaging ship just as a way to unwind and to take some pretty screenshots.

Speaking of industry, it was a very good week! I sold all of the drones I made, even though I had priced them above others in the market. I am not quite making enough for a PLEX, but I don’t really know if that’s my goal or if I’d rather just keep myself in ships and continue to buy my game time the good old fashioned way.

Losing the Tengu right at the start of my adventures really put a large dent into my ISK earned, but at least I’ve had a week now of gains in the green instead of in the red. It’s not the billions of ISK others talk about, but I’m still pretty happy with my time invested vs. ISK earned given that I tend to avoid PVP as much as I possibly can (I know this is EVE, I’m still going to play in the style I enjoy most).

Safe flying!

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