I think PI was one of those things I was initially excited about – trained all of the skills, and then kept telling myself “one day I’ll optimize this” and never did. I was earning ISK from it, but I never calculated how much. I would re-set my extraction program once a day, and pick up all the PI stuff once a week. Some I would sell, some I would use.

This week I decided to watch some YouTube videos on how to set things up in a more optimized way, and it turns out that everything I had done with my own stations was completely wrong and was probably not even worth me having it set up. Yikes.

I spent last night removing the PI I had set up, shuffling all of my components around (I even ended up picking up the Epithal for this because it was cheap and why not) and figuring out what planets I actually wanted to do PI on. I wanted something closer to home, I enjoy where I have my base at the moment, it’s close to what I need and I don’t mind making the jumps to get to quieter space.

Anyway, after a few hours the old factories were removed, and then this morning I set about getting the new ones set up. At the time of this post, I have 4 planets set up with 8 factories each (I only had 1 single factor per planet before and I had split the extractions between two raws that were not even related to one another, it was honestly a disaster). I still have one ‘factory’ planet to set up, and that will produce the T2/T3 items. That planet will have 24 factories. Once PI is set up, you only need to check in every so often – but getting it all set up and linked and running, can be confusing.

Do you play Factorio? Enjoy it? Then you’d probably enjoy setting up PI and optimizing it. What I’m making won’t even come close to what I COULD make if I set up my PI in ls or null, but honestly I was content with what I was making before when it was 100% unoptimized and horrible. I just didn’t know any better. I understand that a LOT of people do NOT enjoy PI, and that’s OK. I don’t particularly enjoy PVP, so I’m glad that there’s other aspects of game play that I DO enjoy.

Once my PI is optimized I’m sure I will look at something else that I’ve been using that’s outdated and archaic and update that. I still haven’t finished raising my R&D faction yet either. I don’t lack for things to do, I just lack the time to do it all.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

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