Just like I do in World of Warcraft, working the market in EVE means I need to know what people are buying, and how much they’re buying it for. Watching YouTube videos may be a great introduction, but if all you’re doing is what everyone else is doing – you’re going to quickly find that market over saturated. The best thing for you to do is to figure out a small portion of the market that you can wiggle your way into, and then expand from there.

I decided to expand on what I had already been doing with industry just a tiny bit. My ammo can be crafted for cheaper than it costs to buy it – but that wasn’t the reason I went and picked up the BPO today. The main reason is because I go through a LOT of ammo, and I get tired of running out to the shopping district every time I want to buy more. The fact that it’s cheaper for me to craft it is an added bonus and just made sense, so I went and took care of that.

There’s a handful of ‘popular’ ships that also sell for a few million more than it costs to craft, so I added those to the manufacturing jobs that I already had running. I might keep one for myself as a spare. My PI takes care of another group of crafting, and I have some alts who are also getting situated when it comes to PI. Nothing much, but I don’t need them to be much. For now, at least.

I also learned about warehouse containers – fantastic, because at the moment my inventory is a disaster. I’d like to put BPO / BPC into a container and then just not look at them for a while, heh. I hate that they don’t stack, either, so those 600 T1 items I decided to invent into T2 take up a whole lot of room. Ideally I wouldn’t necessarily live in the same place I was doing my industry work, but I like it here, so that’s where I am. Having containers should help keep things in line. I thought I already had containers, but I must have emptied them ages ago.

Apparently I get to experience my first war dec first. I’m not really concerned, I’m already pretty paranoid no matter where / what I’m flying, and the thought that concord won’t be coming to my rescue isn’t really one I’ve ever really cared about. Especially since these days I’m almost always in jspace. No data/relic sites today, but I did get a lot of industry done, so it was a nice change. I haven’t had a lot of spare gaming time, but I’m doing my best.

Fly safe o7

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