Depending on the character I’m playing, EVE tends to be a very quiet game (just an observation, it’s not a good thing or a bad thing). Today while I was shopping someone opened chat with me and wanted to ask some questions. I don’t think I had heard of them before, and I wasn’t really sure what they wanted. They asked about what happened to cause me to leave the large corporation I had belonged to and to head out on my own, instead. I told them it really wasn’t anything dramatic but that I was looking for something a bit more personal – I reached out before I left the corporation and no one even said anything to me (I didn’t want to just vanish, but turns out I could have and no one would have cared one way or another). Anyway, they talked about themselves for a bit and then I got called away to handle real life, so the conversation ended. I’m still not really sure how they found me or what inspired them to send me a conversation. It was me and 100+ other people in the shopping district, I wasn’t carrying anything of value, I had just dropped off some bits to sell and was cloaking around.

My extra cautious and paranoid self wondered if they were hoping to distract me while I jumped home, or if they really did just want to chat. It was an unusual interaction, and I’m still not really sure what to think about it.

Any way, things in EVE have been moving along at a good pace. In 1d22h I’ll finally have mining frigate V finished off, and then it’s on to shield upgrades V, caldari propulsion systems V, caldari offensive systems V, and caldari core systems V. That’s right, my Tengu subsystems are finally getting some love. It has only taken 9 years (whewps). I also checked out a comment regarding an event that is happening on April 20th, I’m hoping to make it! I’ll have to head out early to get some bookmarks set, but I’m thinking I might be able to get some neat screenshots. More about that event in the future!

As always, fly safe o7

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