Today was the 10th annual Frigate Free for All hosted by Stay Frosty, and I decided why not show up. I used my second account since this would be a PVP event, and it was actually a lot of fun! Minus the people who showed up who just wanted to create chaos and not play by the rules (not a big deal, more details about that later).

The event worked like this: You show up (I went early to make bookmarks) and then frigates with fittings were given away to anyone who opened trade with the hosts. Fly your frigate around and try to take out other frigates. The system was a .4 so there was no concord to worry about, though there was some sentry guns causing issues for some people I believe. Their range is 150km, so stay away from those and it was no big deal. There were shouts of ‘gf’ everywhere (I believe this means good fight?) and people good naturedly ribbed one another. Lots of harmless fun.

Then one annoying corp who had a beef with the host showed up and started demanding money to have you be flagged blue (allied) – they used legion’s to fight the frigates, not exactly a fair fight but since they were free ships it also wasn’t a big deal. They were intent on spoiling the fun for others, and I like to think that the 450+ people who showed up managed to have a fun time anyway, despite the sore losers.

I saw my first CCP employee, and also a GM in system playing along with. They interacted and had a good time all around.

I stuck around for a few hours (the event ran for 6) but eventually the harshness of it all started wearing me out a bit. I can only handle so many people screaming and yelling and fighting before I get tired of it and long for the quiet of jspace again. I am not much of a crowds person IRL and that is very much the same thing in game. Still, I’m glad I went and had some fun. It was neat to see everyone in local, and I enjoyed watching people greet each other who hadn’t seen one another in some time. I think the most exciting part was that so many people turned up for a player run event – I’m a huge fan of player run events, no matter the game, and with 450+ in local at the height, it was quite a sight.

Fly safe o7

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