As always, when I play EVE Online I seem to learn something new, or pick up some new information, or have an ‘ah ha!’ moment. I’ve been training my skills and learning about different ships and different fits for those ships and spending most of my time in jspace (wormholes) where I feel safest. Yesterday I was scanning my way around and found a C5, I think it might have been my first. I jumped in, someone was at the gate, so after I bookmarked my exit I jumped back out to check out the 4 other wormholes I had found – the person at the gate decided to follow me and jump in too, but by then I was already cloaked and zooming off towards a C2, so I jumped that, and since I had already scanned that one down too, then jumped into another C2 from there, and eventually I jumped into Highsec (35 jumps away from where I had entered from). I just naturally assume anyone I see wants to kill me, and it seems to be working to keep me on my toes and alive (for now at least).

In jspace I feel most comfortable when I can cloak, but, after I had scanned down all of the connections and created a bunch of bookmarks, I decided to bring out my Venture, which does not have a cloak. It’s a simple frigate, nice and cheap. Alpha gamers can use it (CCP’s name for F2P). I stuck myself in a gas site for 18 minutes and warped off before the rats could show up. Then went to the next gas site, and so on. Since I couldn’t stealth I was hyper vigilant about checking d-scan for anything at all, but I didn’t see anyone else. I just assume everyone is cloaked and lurking about, like me. I figured even if I lost the ship it wouldn’t really be a big deal, and after a few sites the day paid for itself. I have done almost zero mining since taking a greater focus on exploration, but I’ve done a fair amount of gas huffing, and a LOT of relic/data sites. I’m gearing up for ghost sites next. I’ve also been looking at some other combat fits that are less expensive to fly than my Tengu (which I adore, but I’m not keen to draw so much attention) including my Gila, and maybe a Myrmidon. I’ve also got a Dominix (not sure if I have a current fit for it) but I still always seem to default to the Tengu. I’m learning that you don’t have to fly expensive ships to get stuff done – and the ‘stuff’ to get done, is plentiful.

Fly safe! o7

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