Right now I have three active accounts, but I want to downgrade to just two active, eventually. I’m trying to figure out where I want my points to go, who I want doing certain things, and all of that good stuff. I did set up two PI alts (along with my ‘main’) but they still need to get their planets set up. It’s a long process, and while I know once it’s set up, it’s good, I still need to find the energy to get it started.

There’s never a lack of things to train towards, and it all takes time. I’m trying to be patient, but that’s not exactly my strong suite. That’s why you bring in alts, so they can specialize in things. It’s fine to have one character and try to ‘do it all’ too, but it’s not very optimal.

I have characters who are specializing in market, others who are doing PI, and another doing industry type things. Then of course there’s the ships and deciding which one to focus on. I haven’t had much time for exploration lately, but I hope to fill the week with it. We’ll see!

Fly your way. o7

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