Since I’m using Pathfinder (and a few spreadsheets) to track all of my adventures in this suitcase challenge, of course it’s time for a few statistics.

This is day 11, and I’ve visited 77 systems, with 58 unique wormholes. I’ve dipped out to high sec 5x so far, and made 2,476,517,197 ISK. Note that I do leave the Orca in the WH when I go to sell, I’m not risking taking that in and out. What I’ve been doing is confirming the WH is ’empty’ (who knows if it’s actually empty, given as there’s no one on local), parking a character at the HS entrance 100km off gate cloaked to watch the gate, log the Orca in, warp to the bookmark, drop off/pick up whatever it is I want to deal with, and then leave the WH (and log the Orca out safely in space). If anything at all changes, I log out the Orca first. That’s always my main priority. Once the Orca is logged out, I breath a sigh of relief, lol.

I do tend to take smaller bundles of items off to market rather than taking large expensive trips. I’m more paranoid in high sec than I am in the wormhole. I don’t sell in Jita, but I do price at Jita prices most of the time. So far? It seems to be working out.

Fly your way! o7

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