I figured I might as well do an economy round up for my ISK earnings in May – these will be slightly higher than my ISK earnings in upcoming months because I had some big time collateral that I sold. I sold a spare Orca (and instead bought a porpoise), sold my tengu (and then bought it back at the end of the month, when will I learn), and bought two Ishtar after getting them blown up (next one I’m building myself, not sure how/why but I have a BPC for it so I might as well).

The above screenshot shows one character, but I actually earned 1b on the other account, too, bringing my total earned to over 7b for the month – very pleased with that. Unfortunately also not sustainable at current levels, but gives me a nice bit to work with moving forward. Ideally I’ll pay for 1 account with PLEX/ISK conversion, and my main account I’ll continue to pay for with RL money. Anyway, where did the money come from / go?

2b came from ratting, that means NPC encounters in space. I did a mixture of this each day, hoping for escalations. Sometimes I got lucky, other times not so much. 2b came from industry / marketing – I’m including PI in this. That means selling drones, selling ships (I didn’t sell many), selling consumables, and I did learn station trading. I also sold a few skins I had kicking around. I think with the changes coming to customization on the 11th of June that the skin market might take a bit of a dip. Thankfully I didn’t stock up on any of those, it’s just items I had sitting around in the hangar. PI was the largest money maker in that regard. Moving to a Wormlife Freeport has been absolutely essential in this process, as doing PI in highsec with 15-20% tax each transaction is absolutely horrible. A little over 1b came from liquidating items I had in the hangar, that includes the Orca, a Tengu (like I mentioned, I bought that back, eep), and some modules that I wasn’t using. I’m trying not to stockpile things too much – and I am absolutely failing at it. I never know when I might need a specific item / fit for a new ship I want to try out. It is what it is.

Exploration rounds out the rest of the ISK profit – keep in mind this is ONLY liquid ISK – this does NOT include inventory value, which I also stocked a lot of because I wanted to keep a lot of exploration items for crafting. I did some mining in there too, but again I’m keeping that for my own crafting use.

One thing I’d like to learn about / maybe do is reactions. I have no idea what these are, or how they work. I’m not sure if they’ve always been a thing, or if they’re ‘new’ to me like compression was. I hear it takes a bit of ISK to invest, and it’s a long term process. Aside from that, I don’t have the faintest idea.

I’d also like to expand my BPO library. Everything I own is already max researched, and while I’ve added a few basics (like the ammo I use, etc) I haven’t picked up anything of extreme value for some time. I’ve looted a few BPO too that I have yet to craft, some are not profitable so I won’t bother, but some are a few million ISK profit for each, and I’d like to clear them out of storage, too.

Overall? I would say 100% of the skills I’ve learned in WoW marketing transfer over to EVE. The products may be different, but the methods of obtaining items and crafting them into other items and then placing them on the market remain the same. In EVE you have a lot more competition since there’s 4 markets in 1 giant server (for the most part) rather than individual servers, and there’s far fewer players in EVE than there are in Warcraft, but I feel like I’m making it work just fine, and coming out ahead in ISK is a good indication of this. At least it’s fun, and honestly, that’s all that matters.

Fly your way! o7

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