I spent a quiet evening scanning down wormholes and working on data / relic sites. I normally set myself some sort of goal, like 85 million ISK (if you’re paying for your subscription with ISK, this is what you need to bring in each day to cover the cost) and then head home shortly afterward. My hull had almost 200 million in it after a bit of a dry spell, but I was really tired so I decided to log out safely where I was instead of travelling.

The next day, I scanned down the signatures (I was in a C1 with a HS static) and noticed an uncloaked catalyst at one of the hacking sites. I flew over to my perch that I had made the day before, and uncloaked. The catalyst wasn’t actually completing the site, and was just hanging out at a can.

Interesting. I didn’t approach or engage, something about this wasn’t right.

Eventually after a few minutes they blew up a can, maybe to look like they were active. I had scanned down a few other wormholes in the system while watching them, so I warped off to the C5 – right when three buddies from the same corporation as the catalyst popped out of that C5.

Ah ha.

I think it was the first time I had seen someone actively acting as bait in that sort of situation. It wasn’t even particularly good bait. I had zero intentions of engaging (I’m in a helios after all) and I left and took my 200m loot safely back home. I’m sure with the high sec static attached to their C5 they were looking for some day trippers and easy content, but I’m just not the right target for that. I’m not a particularly good pvp player – but – I like to think I’ve been learning a lot these past few months, and know what situations I want to engage in and which ones I stay away from. That one just didn’t sit right.

As always. fly your way! o7

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