Ricotta's musical feets

(( Told from the perspective of Ricotta, my little bardling who’s slowly working her way up in the world, hopfully insperation sticks around, and I’ll have pleanty more to write ))

When I gots up dis morning, the very first things I thoughts wus that I needed new armour. See, t’is not that my current armours is bad, nay t’is quite the opposite, t’is all shiny ‘n stuffs. But.. well.. t’is not exactly the bestest stuffs to go around singing of tales (or is that tails?) in Qeynos. The other bards would laughs at meh if they saws me singings in shiny armour that looked like tin, instead of their colourful ensambles. How would I, Ricotta Is’Gouda, stands out if I blended in with the stone pavement? I had heard that Ian, in Qeynos Harbour, was well prepared to pass out dis armour that I wanted dearly. For a price of course. His price at first seemed much too high fer meh. He wanted various odds and ends completed, skeletons squished who had been giving him some griefs apparently. I wondered why dis lad did not takes care of the issues himself, but did not voice the opinions for fear dat he would remove my request all together, and I would sing to Qeynos in tin for the rest of dis little Ratongas life. The first two tasks he had meh complete were fairly easy, even for dis tiny bardling. The pieces he gave me in return were vereh pretty! Baby blue’s dat matched the sky. Oh how I longed for a full outfit of dis! I managed to complete 4 of his tasks all together, and then my little paws grew weary, so I decided to breaks for da night.

Made my way slowly to Baubleshire, dis is where halflings and gnomes live. I think it was comforting to put myself here at first, to be with the smaller races. If I had gone to Greystone yard, a Barbarian would be sure to steps on my poor little feets I just knows it! What good is a bard if they can not also dance! So I danced for the customers in the bank, little squeeks of joy about the new armour I had gotten. The rest wills have to waits until tomorrow, I’ve just not the stamina of the larger peoples yet. In time I know it will come to me! I have been working on songs, and games fer people to laugh and sings about. Still though, I remember my days in Freeport, scrounging up foods in the muck of the sewers. Nightmares at times plague meh, buts I refuse to lets it gets meh down! Song in my heart is strong, and dis little Ratonga is ready soon fer more fun!

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