Home sweet home

The fire place isn’t done yet, but that’s what it looked like as I was building it and putting it together. Let me tell you, placing all of those books, after moving them twice, once to an alts house, and then once back here, and then onto the shelves, is *very* annoying. There were a lot more books placed into the shelves once the screen shot was taken, as well as around the floor, and of course the book of the dead in the center on the table. The table is of course still bugged, you can’t actually place things on it, without having to attach a shelf to it and then place items on the shelf, then remove the items and place the table back.

Raided Harla Dar last night, went well. Then did Djinn Masters Prism, which I had never done before. What a complicated zone! Well, if you’re new at least. Thank goodness we had a team of dedicated music players. It was still fun. Got a little further in my claymore progression, I’m getting worn out from it fast though. Also got further on my DT access, need blackscale next. Still haven’t met too many folks from guild, and since joining I haven’t really played any alts at all any more. Maybe I’ll re-think the guid situation. I enjoy raiding though. Of course, it’s not all about the loot for me, which it is for a lot of people. I just like being there / going.

Today is a restless frustraiting day. Not really sure in game if I’m even feeling like playing. Raid HoS tonight, which should be interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve gone. Labs and Deathtoll on the weekend, two more pretty good raids. I’m getting used to the fact that they’re later at night. Gives my days free to get my stuff done. Servers are *finally* getting re-set today, after almost a week of no reboots. It was *much* needed. I think everyone would agree with that. There was so much lag and issues that needed to be fixed.

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