Seafury Buccaneers are wonderful. I’ve been working my faction with them for quite some time, and after countless writs, found a much much easier way to acomplish my faction with them. So I started off at +2,600 faction with them yesterday, and in three hours, was a little above +20,000 faction with them. Which means I am now Marauder Silverstep *cheers* and also Mariner if I choose to be so (yes, I paid for both titles). I also bought a nifty little skull with a dagger through it for my house, and recieved two pieces of paper from the officials, sitting in my house. Last night cleared lyceum, and managed to snag a relic breast plate fer myself! Very happy about that. I’ve joined a “semi-hardcore” raiding guild, though in my books they’re pretty hardcore. Raids 5 nights a week, not exactly the friendliest bunch, but that’s alright gives me time to do things on my own as well. Managed to get Claymore a little further as well, and I’m now in PoA, which is slightly better then SoS. Granted I can’t really duo many of the quests, but it’s still quite fun. It’s realy nice to be in a raiding guild with my warden as my main, instead of having to work up another character to play, I think I lucked out.

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