Broken quest

I absolutely hate Obelisk these days. Since the revamp of the zone, they’ve broken more quests then they’ve fixed. The above picture just being one of them. The mob that this book calls for, no longer is even in the zone. It doesn’t exist. In it’s place is a single named, who spawns *every* time you kill him. Usually dropping metal, always dropping legendary. So not only can I not finish this quest at all, but there are typically 2-3 groups of plat farmers (bots) in there who have each of the named on a timed cycle.

SoE also just made it *easier* for these people to opperate, by removing the access quests to the Obelisk. Making it easier for anyone to enter, where as I devoted about 6 hours of work to get access to the areas needed. Needless to say, I am not happy. There are also two other book quests, part of the Remembrances series, that I am at the moment unable to do. One of them requires yet another mob (and 30 of that one mob) that spawns as a named 70% of the time now, and the other one requires mobs so rare to find in the zone that you may as well just give up while you’re ahead, especially if there’s anyone else in the zone.

I’m big on quests that reward house items, my house displays them nicely and I’m proud of what I’ve acomplished. Each character gets their own house, and if I play them to any degree I typically move them into a larger house. I just wish SoE would fix the broken quests (it’s been a few months now) and get rid of the bots. Too much to ask I suppose.

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