Lack of posts lately, I just haven’t felt the insperation I suppose. Now, I’ve moved servers twice before, once from Najena to Lucan D’Lere, and then back from Lucan to Najena (which is where I currently am). My choices to move were pretty basic, Lucan is far too small of a server for my tastes. It was a good time for a chance. I paid the $50 fee (twice) to move my two “mains” over, and don’t regret it at all. No issues with the move, their houses and banks and items remained in tact.

One thing I’ve done on each server and over time, is started a smaller guild just for my alts. This time was no different. I enjoy having a “home” for the smaller characters I play, if not specifically for any other bonus rather then just being able to use the guild bank to transfer items between them all (especially since I’m a heavy crafter). So “Rapture” is my new home, a guild name that I openly admit to seeing on Lucan and it appealed to me. Granted the one on Lucan is for a guild of Harlots and mine follows no such course, but I still found the name pleasant. There are exactly 7 members, 6 of which are my own characters, and the 7th a friend who also plays on Najena and put their smaller alt into the guild. I can craft and share items between the bank and I’m pleased with that. It also gives me a small “goal” to work towards in my spare time when I’m bored. I can level the guild up, if not for any other reason then simply because I wish to. It’s just a very relaxed thing for me to do.

Also started myself a little brigand today, Nesia (which is short for Amnesia, which is what I wanted origionally but found the name already taken). She’s going to end up as my carpenter (hopfully). So that’s 6 characters once again, though they’re all fairly small, the brusier sitting at level 24, the dirge at 20, the conj. at 8 and the brigand at 5. Then of course there’s the warden at 70 and the coercer at 63, fairly well rounded if I do say so myself. With nothing much to do until November I’ve pleanty of time to work on each one of them as well as crafting.

Cordanim is gone on a vacation for this week, so I don’t expect I’ll see him around, I hope he has fun though. Pascolino seems to be enjoying the smaller swashbuckler that he made to play on the server. It’s nice to hear about him enjoying the game without the pressures that are associated with a higher level main.

Made about 10p on the broker over the past few days, so I’m sitting comfortably at about 30p, which is just fine for me I don’t need a whole lot of money. Eventually you reach a point where there’s just simply nothing to buy anyhow, and you’re just crafting with it or buying pretties for alts, etc. It’s fun, lately I’ve gotten much more out of the game by simply doing smaller quests, and enjoying the basics of the game, no pressure.

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