I hate people, there I said it I admit it freely, people make me angry. Especially stupid people. Unfortunately in an MMO, you can’t zone from one place to another without running into them. Since I’ve been taking a ‘break’ so to speak from my 60+ characters, I’ve been spending extended amounts of time in the lowbie channels. Not that the 60-69 channel is any better at times, but it’s more… pronounced.. I think at lower levels. Anyhow. This particular day started with some random_moron_101 debating the fact that BSV still required an access quest to enter. Now, bsv has two (perhaps actually three) versions of the zone, they’re typically level 15-25 zones or so. One of the versions is a stronghold, and it’s used in the greater lightstone HQ. Until a live update or two ago, you had to complete an access quest to enter this zone. However. It was removed.

To enter Bloodskull valley now, you hail an npc to the right hand side of the zone, behind a rock. They blather on about letting them escape or some such nonsense, and ta da you can zone in. After stating as much in the 20-29 channel with my lowbie alt, a little necromancer who thought they knew everything, decided to debate this issue with me. Claiming that they’d just gotten access two weeks ago (perhaps it was before the LU went in where they removed these access quests? Hmm?). I know 100% there is no access quest, I just did the HQ with my level 70 to help level up my wee tiny guild, and I’ve never done access. I hailed the npc out side.

But would they admit they were wrong? No, they decided to make it into some huge e-peen waving contest, where they were the only winner and they knew it all. Heck people even rose to their defense.

*bangs her head against the desk*

When someone gives you the RIGHT information about something in game, there’s no need to get all defensive about it and cause a huge ruckus in channels. It’s not about who’s right or wrong, I gave the information and was trying to help the persons involved in doing the HQ to begin with. Heaven forbid though, the level 20-29’s know it all! Every day it is a competition between players of who can ‘one up’ another player. Who has the highest level alt in the highest level guild and the best gear doing the best things. When it comes right down to it.. WHO CARES?!

Obviously I care slightly if I’m ranting about it on my blog, right? Well, maybe. I’m just looking for a way to get out some frustrations and so I ramble them out here instead of banging little newb heads together to knock some sense into them. Alright, so I’m not the most patient person in the world either.. I’m hoping the 30-39 channel will be slightly better, but who knows.

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